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The Return of Direct Marketing

By 10/23/2017October 27th, 2017Blog
Digital Marketing is a very productive form of marketing, advertising, and reaching target consumers, but it’s not the only way to successfully yield sales. When developing a marketing campaign, there is a lot to consider and one size does not fit all. Introducing, or rather reintroducing… Direct Marketing!

Where’s the money?

With the digital marketing boom, many businesses have discarded the validity of direct marketing. You may think direct marketing is dead, but not so fast. Let’s take a second look. Think about who you’re trying to reach. Does your target demographic live on social media or are they someone that has trouble texting on a smartphone? Maybe somewhere in between? Perhaps you’re trying to expand to more rural regions where internet connection might be a challenge for some homes. If you find that your lead generation potential could be enhanced by a more traditional marketing channel, direct marketing could be just the thing for you and your business.

Budget and competitive landscape

Because businesses are increasingly using digital marketing, the cost of digital ads aren’t as competitive as they used to be. Not only will you spend money on developing the marketing material, you may also need to pay the publishing platform their share. You can cut out the middleman and communicate directly to your consumer with direct marketing, hence the name.
In addition to having the potential of being too expensive for smaller marketing budgets, digital marketing can also be a crowded vehicle of messaging. If there’s too much competition hounding your target online, you could benefit from going a different route. There’s something about a beautifully designed, tangible piece that still resonates with some consumers over an annoying pop-up that’s standing between them and the next song, video, or funny article they want to get to.

The proof is in the pudding

Sinuate Media can attest to the success of direct marketing campaigns. Take for example, one of our recent case studies. A client of ours, a local medical practice, felt it was time expand their marketing efforts to reach the surrounding market areas. After considering the market, budget, campaign goals, etc. we decided to try direct marketing. The results? It more than doubled our client’s business.

How to put it together

It can be daunting to find a starting point for an effective direct marketing campaign. A direct mail campaign can require critical list procurement of target consumers, specialized design of a creative piece, copywriting of strategic messaging for your piece, shipping and mailing coordination and more. When you decide to move forward with a project like this, it will be beneficial to contract a single agency that meets all your needs. This can ensure that your campaign has seamless messaging and brand consistency. Remember, connecting directly to your customer is an opportunity to make a big impression. Make sure your materials accurately represent who you are as a business and make a persuasive call to action.