Approach Positive provides digital communications for scientists, research faculty, and universities.
Approach Positive believes in giving a voice to those dedicating their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and discovery, improving our communities, and embarking on noteworthy missions.

Our approach is to provide the means and strategy to help such organizations reach those who should know about their work. To do this, we’ve designed an effective process specifically suited for marketing the sciences, technology, and medicine. The process includes:
• Planning
• Content Development
• Analytics Storytelling
• Public Relations
• Digital Marketing Management
• Metrics Evaluation

We also offer Digital Communications Training to science organizations, student groups, science faculty, and research organizations. We cover topics such as:
• Digital Communications for Science Majors
• How to Use Social Media Professionally & Manage Your Digital Reputation
• Creating a Personal Website to Land Your Research Dream Job
• Analytics Storytelling: How to Use Social Media to Support Your Grant Renewals



Sinuate Media is excited to have Approach Positive join our team and to be able to offer an expanded suite of services to the science and research audiences.