6 Trends That’ll Change How Business is Done

By 11/06/2018 Blog
6 Trends in 2019 That'll Change How Business is Done

6 Trends That’ll Change How Business is Done

All businesses have at least one goal in common – to succeed and grow. To accomplish this, every industry is required to stay up-to-date with the rest of society, especially technology. Manufacturing, entertainment, electronics, food, and even marketing, are all influenced by different types of societal growths and trends. One of the greatest benefits of being in marketing is getting to work with and learn about different types of industries. For our clients, partners, and friends, we’ve put together 6 upcoming trends that will influence many industries and change the way business is done, both in person and online.

1. Blockchain Grows in Use

Blockchain technology powers cryptocurrency. It is widely referred to as the technology behind the most popular form of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. As marketers, what we’re truly interested in is the notion of using this same technology to prevent digital fraud. Statista reported by the year 2020, digital advertisers will have wasted $335.5 billion on fake web traffic generated by bots. Because of blockchain’s transparency and encryption, technology advertisers can use marketplaces powered by blockchain to perform better audits on every ad and impression without the worry of being cheated. Blockchain will see more growth in its versatility and use, if only to combat the rising price tag of digital ad fraud.

2. Mobile Website Traffic Hits 60%

Mobile devices are making it easier for users to find brands online. In Q3 2018, mobile website traffic is estimated at 52.4%. Over the next twelve months, we expect that number to encroach, or even hit an even 60%.

3. Humanizing Your Brand More Important Than Ever

Consumers are skeptical of big corporations; humanizing your brand is imperative to stay on top. Papa John’s is using this exact tactic to regain the public’s favor after their founder and CEO was ousted for his comments about the National Anthem protests. So, take office selfies, go live, hold fundraisers, be involved in your community, and show people that you too, are human.

4. Restaurant Marketing Gets Harder

If you’re a restaurateur you might want to pay close attention to this one. According to Restaurant Business, there is no more room for new restaurants in the US. The market has become so over-saturated with restaurants that the industry is being plagued with weak traffic numbers. Restaurant Business attributes this to the high competition the industry is facing right now. This illustrates the dire need for restaurants to re-evaluate their marketing tactics to ensure they are doing all they can to combat growth stagnation inundating the industry.

5. Voice Search Marketing

2019 is opening to a “voice first” year. Users are using voice command devices to find out where to go online, before they get behind a computer, phone or tablet. In a recent Amazon presentation we attended, Dave Isbitski, Chief Evangelist for Amazon Echo/Alexa, stated that Alexa Skills grew by 75% in 2017, and now offers 45,000+ skills. Alexa Skills are third-party apps that enable your Echo to perform certain tasks (i.e. the Domino app allows your Echo to place your pizza order). Facebook recently launched Facebook Portal, which is powered by Alexa. Google also launched their Home Hub recently, which offers a screen, but no camera. As usability and choice of devices increase, voice search will increase in kind. Entering 2019, a major question that should be on your mind is, “What does my brand sound like?”

6. Visual Search Gains Traction

With Google’s recent announcement and launch of the Google Pixel 3, visual search is sure to gain more traction in the market. The Pixel 3 phone is introducing Lens Suggestions which will integrate Google Lens even more into the device than its previous version, by allowing Lens functionality from the main Pixel camera. Scanning a QR code, visiting a website and maintaining your email contacts just got easier. Pixel 3 users would be able to look at real life items through their camera phone and instantly search for them online. Due to the popularity of the Pixel and Pixel 2, greater integration of Google Lens on the Pixel 3 is sure to increase the popularity of Visual Search.

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