10 Reasons Your Team Needs Marketing Training

By 11/06/2017 Blog
Sinuate Media - Marketing Training

Marketing is becoming more advanced every day. With online targeting tools and communication platforms constantly changing, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your marketing buck. One way to ensure you are staying up-to-date is signing up for marketing training with experts that can offer effective ways for you to optimize many of your marketing efforts in-house. It is important, however, that you leverage your resources effectively to accomplish all of your marketing goals. Your biggest resource? Your employees. Here are ten reasons you should invest in marketing training for your team today.

1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

You may or may not have a dedicated in-house marketing professional helping to drive campaigns, but even if you do, imagine how much more can be produced if more team members pitched in. The challenge here is that even if other team members are helping get more marketing tasks done, they may not have the experience or background to communicate to the masses in a way that will drive sales or use strategies that help further your brand recognition. Training them will make a significant difference in how they will approach marketing efforts.

2. Learn the Right Way to Budget for Marketing

Although it is valuable to obtain services from a third party marketing agency, it might be friendly on your business wallet to have a third party handle larger marketing projects and have your team take up the day-to-day marketing upkeep.

3. Create Synergies

Often times our team members work in different departments and hardly have a chance to interact with each other to work on a direct goal.Training your team to work on a function like marketing is a way to bring your team together to work on a common project. This can lead to better synergy within your team as they work on other future projects.

4. Play on their strengths

As managers, we know that our teams perform best when they are doing what they love and are excited about. We want to play on their strengths. After having your team train in some of the most important marketing disciplines, there will be a variety of tasks you can make each team member responsible for. For example, maybe someone loves their smartphone and is likely to enjoy sharing well positioned posts on your company social media page, feeling confident about what they’ve learned.

5. Staff Training = Growth

Training opportunities are a perk for employees and marketing is a valuable skill they can use as they progress and grow within your company.

6. Stay Ahead of Rapid Change

As previously mentioned, marketing channels and methods change rapidly every day. Like other professions, even if you have a well skilled in-house marketing pros, continued education is more than prudent, but necessary in this age.

7. Get a Leg Up on the Competition

The truth is, you are either struggling to get to the top or struggling to keep your number 1 spot in the market share game in your industry and DMA. Training your team on how to best reach your target consumers is going to help you get the leg up on your competition.

8. Spark Innovation

Investing in marketing training for your team will help each team member not only gain more knowledge about marketing and become more tech-savvy, it may also get their creative juices flowing and help them gain skills they can use to innovate in other areas of your company.

9. Measure Results

It’s all fine and dandy if your marketing efforts have seemed to work well in the past, but think of the impact that could be made on promotions and sales if your team had marketing analytics training. Being able to measure how well your campaigns are working and understanding why some aspects of your plan work and don’t work is truly essential if your goal is (and it should be) to grow.

10. Establish Credibility

All businesses need to establish credibility with their clients and customers. This can be done in a variety of ways. Obviously the quality of service, product, and professionalism presented speaks for itself, but there could be untapped strategies in marketing that can help you reinforce your credibility as a business. For example, if you have poor functioning e-commerce or website set-ups, you may benefit from that specific kind of marketing training to help you make a better impression on your e-visitors. Perhaps you can further establish your credibility by having your team learn how to best produce and publish relevant content about your business and industry.

There are so many ways marketing training can benefit your team and business. If you are interested in investing in your team and learning how to effectively market your business, please contact us or take a look at Sinuate Media’s marketing training workshop topics