I’ve worked with Leah on projects for our clients on numerous occasions. Leah is a pleasure to work with and a real hard worker. She is very dedicated, creative, and always willing to go the extra mile to address a client need. She has great attention to detail and always thinking about how to move clients’ businesses forward. I recommend her highly.

Ruby Gottlieb, former SVP, Managing Director at Horizon Media Inc.; Current Principal at The Media Advisory

Leah is a great resource for anyone seeking to learn more about online and social media marketing — or for businesses and organizations looking for help in these areas. I’ve had the chance to hear her speak on a number of occasions. I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to discuss my organizations efforts with her, as she is a volunteer member of our Marketing Committee. She is knowledgeable, engaging and full of ideas. Regardless of your knowledge and experience with online marketing, you’ll learn something from Leah.

Will Burns, Director of Communications at Maryland Chamber of Commerce

Leah’s the perfect blend of leading-edge marketing savvy and down-to-earth counsel that immediately instills confidence among clients looking to build online and social media into their marketing programs. I’ve not hesitated to introduce her to a number of my own clients and colleagues as a go-to resource for online strategy and execution. Smart, creative, effective. I look forward to many more opportunities to partner with Leah and her team.

Cathy Austin, President of Loop9 Marketing

Leah had the foresight to develop a marketing company that embraced social media marketing long before other companies had identified the value of that type of marketing. Leah is very knowledgeable and delivers quality service. For anyone looking to hire a company with social media marketing expertise, Leah and Sinuate Media are an excellent choice.

Susan Katz, CEO of The Growth Coach of Baltimore